Details on Spin the Mega Wheel for a Chance to Win

Details on Spin the Mega Wheel for a Chance to Win

The Mega Wheel is a massive number wheel with 54 separate spokes. The remaining numbers are 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30, and 40, making for a total of 40 distinct sections.

Your sole mission is to correctly predict the final digit the wheel will stop on before it stops spinning. If you guess correctly, you’ll get the prize. It’s a lost cause if you make a wrong prediction.

The amount you win will be determined by the number you choose on the mega wheel online.

Step-by-step instructions on how to play Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel are provided below.

You must bet on one of the numbers, though you may wager on more than one if you like. For instance, you may bet on the number 5 and also on the number 1. You can bet on as many as nine different numbers at once, and there is no restriction on which numbers you choose to gamble on.

The minimum bet per spin of the wheel is 0.1 Euro, and the maximum is 1.000 Euro. Bets are placed by releasing the mouse button and releasing the coins onto the desired number(s).

You can wager on all of the numbers by clicking the “Bet on all” button. We do not advise betting on any of them unless you are comfortable with taking on substantial danger in the hopes of achieving enormous rewards.

To discover how often each number appears on the Mega Wheel, check out cara daftar mega wheel. 

It was settled that a multiplier would be used.

Each round begins with a multiplier being applied at random to one of the wheel’s numbers before the wheel is spun. It’s possible for this multiplier to reach 500x.

If your selected number receives a multiplier, your bet will be increased by that amount. Large multipliers, however, can only be connected to very large figures. Only the 15, 20, 30, and 40 can be multiplied by 500.

For your convenience, all the different combinations of multipliers that can be applied to the numbers on the wheel.

Keep in mind that not every round will grant you with multipliers. Ten rounds of play were completed, with multipliers used only three times. You shouldn’t count on getting multipliers often because of this.

Take a look at the results.

The multiplier is selected, and then the wheel is spun until it stops at a random number. When the camera zooms in closer, the emphasis moves to the numerical value.

If you win, a message will show up on the screen with the total sum you’ve been given. When that happens, the game begins again immediately.

To start a new game round, all you have to do is go back to square one.

Mega Wheel Prizes and Divisions

Each of the 54 sections of the Mega Wheel is numbered. In the table that follows, you’ll find information about the probabilities of obtaining various numbers and the corresponding prizes.

The table below shows that the occurrence of the larger numbers (such as 30 and 40) is significantly lower than that of the smaller numbers. The Mega Wheel is ultimately just a game of chance.

Extreme Multiplier Wheels

After each round’s opening Mega Wheel spin, a random number is chosen to serve as the “Mega Lucky Number” for that round. When your chosen number is drawn, your payout will be increased by the multiplier.

Author: Walter Cook