Esports: The New King of Betting

Esports: The New King of Betting

Since the dawn of PC’s and consoles being able to run games over the internet connecting multiple gamers to one another, Esports has been an inevitable step that gaming would take. Naturally, most players who would partake in net play via console or PC, would have a competitive mindset which essentially is why Esports has thrived in such an accessible technological decade. Players have been sat next to each other, split screening their way through evenings competing against each other or even completing a game togather vs the games environment. This has essentially nurtured gamers into this idea of solo vs, or team play scenarios which now are incredibly ready available for people to just jump into as and when they please with literally no effort at all. Making such an incredible sporting environment for people to take part in, spectate or even place a bet.

Esports Betting

Esports betting is now a widely recognized and well demanded sector of online casinos & sportsbook enthusiasts. Bringing a huge opening for a younger generation, involving many people who would not be normally as interested in traditional sports. If you are a gamer, enthusiastic about a player or team in your favorite video game, maybe you are looking to Bet on Esport. Betting on Esports is incredibly simple and can be done in a matter of minutes, from signing up to choosing which team or player you feel will be victorious.

What Esports can you bet on?

There are many Esports available to bet on, plus the options are forever increasing as the weeks go by, below is a list of Esports which can be bet on.

League of LegendsCS:GODota 2FifaRocket LeagueHearthstoneCall of DutyOverwatchMany more

All of the above Esports can be bet on in multiple online sportsbook or casinos, the reasoning is they have available platforms which are being developed to house the certain types of bets available to punters.

Originally and most obviously, bettings most staple bet is generally X vs X meaning you can bet on who you think will win the match. Moving forward with proper systems put in place, you will have a range of more available bets to place. For example, in League of Legends, betting on your winning team is a given, but what if you wanted to bet on first blood or first tower? These bets are becoming widely more available, to the point where we can even start to see bets on what champions may be picked or banned! These are the kind of ways that the Esports betting sector is looking to evolve into and it is already well on its way with most proper Esports betting sites.

Keeping the player feeling forever more involved by tailoring their Esports betting experience to suit them is the most important part of how this industry needs and well is evolving in the future. Making the games we watch our favorite athletes play a lot more interesting and involving!

Moving forward, betting on Esports will become statistically one of the biggest markets for general sportsbooks, adapting to this new market full of a predominantly younger based generation of fans and players alike, the sector is surely to grow. Keeping the core of online gameplay at its heart and developing systems for us to wager money on in order to have some extra drama added to your favourite final playoffs, Esports is one of the most anticipated sports moving forward into the future. Luckily with it being a technology based sport, it can evolve in leaps and bounds in comparison to other traditional sports which essentially are quite set in stone from birth, with little to no variations being able to be added.

Author: Walter Cook