F1 2023: Which Constructors can Win the Championship

F1 2023: Which Constructors can Win the Championship

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Formula One (F1) is the most popular sport worldwide and is considered the highest type of international sports racing for single-seater formula cars. British Grand Prix and Singapore Grand Prix are well-known races on closed public roads. 

A driver competing in a Formula One race must possess a valid FIA Super Licence. After each race, a scoring system evaluates the performance of the drivers and the car’s manufacturers. The FIA totals the points earned by each participant and awards two-yearly World Championships: one for drivers and one for constructors.

Constructors to Win in 2023 Championship

Red Bull

Red Bull is anticipated to win the Formula One constructors championship in 2023. During the Bahrain Grand Prix in March 2022 to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November 2022, the duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez representing the Milton Keynes team achieved five 1-2 finishes, demonstrating consistent success.


Mercedes is an additional leading candidate for the constructors’ title. The group won 515 constructor points last year and 244 points behind Red Bull, who ended the Silver Arrows’ streak of eight consecutive championships. George Russell, who joined the team last year from Williams Racing, individually, accumulated 275 points, while Lewis Hamilton accumulated 240.


With Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz having won four races for the Italian squad, Ferrari is a formidable competitor to Red Bull. Following the final race in Abu Dhabi, they were ranked second in the 2022 team standings with 554 points. Leclerc won three races and placed on 11 podiums, while teammate Sainz won one race and placed on nine platforms.

Read this infographic from CM2Bet to know more about the leading constructors in Formula One 2023 Championship. 

F1 2023: Which Constructors Can Win the Championship?

Author: Walter Cook