Most Famous Land Based Casinos in New Zealand


gambling in new zealandAlthough we are in the internet age, our instinct to socialize often drives us to seek physical contacts. Any New Zealander wanting to gamble can search online casino in New Zealand with ease to play. However, our human nature sometimes makes experiencing the land-based casinos something to look forward to.

Do we have any difference between internet-based casino and land-based ones? The answer is, YES!

There are differences; however, each one is unique in meeting your needs. The truth is, the land-based gambling houses bring people together and strengthen bonds. It enhances family and friendship bonds with lots of fun-time together! Going to casino is like going to cinema for some people. Such an experience is difficult to miss if you value relationship and need time to grow it with your loved ones. But no one can overlook the convenience of virtual casinos and it’s a major attraction hard to ignore.

In New Zealand, the gambling act restricts registering new land-based casinos. That means the few ones are unique and could make a lot of difference if you visit any of them. There are six land-based casinos in New Zealand; these are listed below:

Dunedin Casino, 1999Sky City Auckland Casino, 1996Christchurch Casino, 1994SKYCITY Hamilton, 2002SKYCITY Queenstown, 2000Wharf Casino, 2013

Since this post is introducing the famous land-based casinos, we are going to discuss the top three among the six listed above:

Dunedin Casino

dunedin casinoThis land-based casino is a getaway location in New Zealand, attracting visitors in droves due to its breathtaking architecture. The casino‘s closeness to Dunedin International Airport is an added advantage as a choice location for visitors. Also, its position at the very centre of the community makes Dunedin Casino the go-to place for locals for gambling. The casino’s exquisite Victorian era, 1883-year-old edifice offers an unforgettable memory for visitors.

Since the casino started in 1999, the aesthetics and modern architecture of the buildings offer jaw-dropping admiration making it a beehive of activities for locals and visitors. Apart from the beautiful architecture and comely environment, the gambling home offers a fantastic collection of choice casino games. Modern electronic gaming machines and well-organized gaming tables offer players a friendly gaming atmosphere to get in the game.

Casino players love Dunedin Casino because of the friendly treatment they get. The moment you played at the casino, your participation will earn you the membership card that comes with assorted perks anytime you come around to gamble.

Location: – 118 High Street, Dunedin New Zealand


Open Daily 11 am – 3 amOffers 12 gaming tables and 180 of the latest electronic gaming machinesClosed-circuit TV to boost securityCombined with first-class gaming with the opulence and grandeur of yesteryear180 electronic gaming machines and popular table gamesCasino’s Grand Bar and Café offer delicious contemporary New Zealand cuisinesOptions for all levels of casino play


Closed Christmas Day and Good FridaySmart, neat attire dress code required at all timesIntoxicated or abusive patrons are not permitted to enterMinimum entry age rule enforcement; Proof of age may be requiredManagement can refuse entry to any persons found unworthy of access to the gaming floor

Sky City Auckland Casino

Sky City Auckland CasinoWhen you want a mix of pleasure and beauty, the Sky City Auckland Casino is a place to visit. Boasts the most significant land-based casino in New Zealand, the gigantic edifice is a beautiful 5-star hotel visited by affluent patrons and luxury-seeking tourists. Its influence on the economy and people of New Zealand is remarkable as it provides jobs to over 2000 people.

So much is Sky City Auckland Casino popularity that almost every gambling New Zealander and tourist will recommend it. The casino offers many types of gambling options that you are guaranteed your choice of casino game anytime. From modern gaming machines to traditional casino games, the facility will make you fall in love with the casino more.

Away from gambling is Andy’s Burger & Bar to treat you to a refreshing moment at the casino. Several gamblers who have been to Sky city Auckland Casino are full of positive feedbacks. If you want to re-live the old casino experience, this is the casino to be.

Location: – Corner Victoria and Federal Streets


Authentic cuisine from all around the worldA responsible host to players and guestsOpens 24 hours daily, seven days a weekOver 150 Table Games and 2,100 Gaming Machines availableUnique 15 dining venues


Patron must be 20 years or older to enter the gaming areasDress code requires a neat and tidy standard of dress at all timesManagement can refuse entry to patrons dressed inappropriately

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch CasinoThe oldest among land-based casinos in New Zealand is Christchurch Casino, started in 1994. The casino has maintained an excellent reputation as one of the best gambling locations in the country. The casino didn’t betray the essence of the land-based casino as the centre of luxury and affluent lifestyle. The players are presented tasty treats with deluxe dining facilities and life performance.

If you want to give your family an out of this world experience, you should visit on weekends. Apart from having a lovely time at the gambling tables, the restaurants and bars are unforgettable icings on the cake.

Christchurch Casino is famous among the New Zealanders; the locals are the regulars at the casino. In a way, one could admit it’s a safe place to gamble, but tourists want to be careful with land-based casinos in New Zealand.

Location: – 30 Victoria Street Christchurch, New Zealand.


First land-based casino in New Zealand, established in 1994The membership card can be used to earn Points from games played and purchases on food or beverageOffers several traditional and untraditional table gamesFrom 2 up to a group of 10 people Custom packages to play togetherBoutique-style casino offers excellent food, and you will be hard-pressed to get boredThe casino host the award-winning Grand Cafe, which provides lunch, brunch and dinner buffet


Open only to 20 years or older; the casino requires proof of age for entryNeat and smart presentation is a must for all patrons at all times and management could refuse entry for noncompliantGuests are to drink in a manner that does not provide an intrusion on other guests in the casinoThe solution to limit problem in gaming is by defining boundary on possible losses and warn players when they hit the threshold

Author: Walter Cook