Slots Slots Slots! | Slot Review

Slots Slots Slots! | Slot Review

Is there a pattern?

Having spent the good part of the last two month reviewing and testing a delude of casino slot games across a multitude of games providers such as pragmatic play solutions, microgaming, netent, quickspin, playson and many more one can’t help but ask whether these games have the same model in place or do they vary so differently. The idea here is some casino slots games seem to work on a very different kind of return to player or RTP than others. The question is what is the model of the casino slot game you wish to play or the casino slot game you believe is going to pay out big on a jackpot win. 

Let start with Return to player or RTP

Many casino slot games appear to differ in their model of paying players out with some casino slot games appearing to hold onto that RTP as long as possible and others giving out more occasionally. What does this mean for the player? When playing games like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Jackpot slot games one can’t help but notice the large and occasional payout happening which seem to have a great effect on the players bank roll though when playing this game enough does a pattern emerge. Have now gone through a good thousand spins on Mega Moolah i can’t help but feel the game likes to get a player excited by offering some big early wins then hold out for a defined period of time testing the players resolve then again paying out large freespin wins just enough to keep the player believing the next big win is just around the corner. That being the case Mega Molaah certainly feels like the jackpot slot game that pays out more often than not and with great quick animations is still one of my favorite casino slot games to date. Looking at more modern slot game houses like quickspin I have noticed quite a similar pattern in the Ghost glyph casino slot game however does not seem to hold onto the player as well as Mega Moolah does. The reason here seems to be in the duration of the spins whilst Mega moolah spins fast and hard Ghost glyph is a much slower more focused on animation type casino slot game, not always in the providers benefit. Even with the spins set on quick the game is anything but a “Quickspin” pun intended! 

There are however a multitude of slot providers out there and with so many casino slot games coming out in the near future its impossible to try and compare them all but a pattern does emerge in the providers style of game with some casino slot game makers having particular styles that dont always sit well with the player. One example of this is Pragmatic play solutions, though the games look great as far as design goes there is a odd feel of trying very hard to have good design but paying out very little so much so recent promotions across all online casinos appear to focus on the Pragmatic daily drops and not the actual RTP or payouts the casino slot games should be promoting. There is an odd feel of “i dont play for the daily drops’ when playing these games and the provider is trying so hard to focus on these they have somewhat forgotten what keeps a player coming back. The feel of a freespin or bonsu round being just around the corner. I recently played a few hundred spins on just such a game which is Pragmatics play solutions recent addition Wolf Gold which again seems to highlight heavily on the daily drops more than the actual game lines and win multiplier. This almost feels like a veil over the eyes and cant see this model lasting for players in the casino slot game world. There are similar goings on with other slot providers such as many common “tournaments” which again give the player the sense of distrust. That being the case the games do look great and it might just be a case of trying to promote the casino slot providers latest game however personally always prefer those slot providers who focus on the game itself than promoting a slot game with features outside of the RTP, winning chances or jackpots! 

Talking about Jackpots!

What is it about Jackpots that make so many online casinos so averse to this product? Having reviewed a large number of casinos of late I have noticed many seem to avoid these products which the above mentioned mega moolah often being a missing feature on the new more design focused Casinos like CasinoWinner and Players looking for these games will often get disheartened with a casino not offering this product and may entirely avoid the casino as a result. Is this due to jackpot contributions? Who knows but there does seem to be a pattern across the casino slot industry when looking for jackpot games, maybe they just cost too much for many new casinos like those mentioned above. 

Let’s look at Live Casino for a moment! 

Live Casino recently tested the top three products in the market and the major first noticeable difference really is between Evolution Gaming and the rest. Though Pragmatics product does seem to be fast enough to work with it just feels far more limited than that of Evolution gaming with Evolution having its own lobby for its games and the rest often being integrated into the casinos many selection page. Evolution have done a wonderful job with giving player choice in types of games and features added such as the fantastic speedy blackjack. But why don’t other Live Casino providers compare? This is likely due to the fact Evolution gaming have been in it for longer and are committed solely to a Live Casino product and are doing a fantastic job at it. If one can imagine they offered to buy Netent entire portfolio which is heavily based on Slot games with revenue generated on Live Casino, tells you something about the market and the fact their product is far superior to the other providers out there. Live casinos are a great product especially in these pandemic times where players till get the feeling of being in a casino without the swearing spitting, losing players and drunken college students spending all their pocket money. The only thing missing is the escorts!  

Author: Walter Cook