The Most Famous Land-Based Casinos in Singapore


casinos in singaporeSingapore is one of the most successful nations in the world. In the past few years, it had rigorous laws on gambling, which restricted the development of casinos in the small city-state. Nonetheless, with the previous changes in the law, online casino Singapore is now one of the most spectacular leisure developments of the planet.

Are you currently visiting this country? Maybe you are looking for the best casinos in the area. There’s no need to worry because this post got you covered! Below is our list of the best and most sought-after land-based casinos you can visit in Singapore today.

Brief History of Gambling in Singapore

The gambling history of Singapore is long, along with many chapters. But when we talk about its impact on the modern setting, the most crucial moment arrived when the British rulers of the country banned gambling and cockfighting dens at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In 1820, officials issued licenses for operators.

After that, gambling has been controlled by various governments who are in control of the region. In 2014, the Remote Gambling Act officially outlawed every online casino gambling in Singapore. That prevents anybody from placing a casino bet in the online world, even on international platforms. That law didn’t transform the reality. Other rules and regulations banned such actions already. However, it made the law flawless.

Resorts World Casino

Resorts World Casino SingaporeThis is a sought-after and an excellent entertainment arena in the country. This resort is situated at Sentosa Island and is home to different remarkable hotels, a jaw-dropping aquarium, a water park, the first Universal Studio in Singapore, and two sophisticated casinos.

Resort World Casino sprawls 15,000 square meters. It delivers an elegant area where you can try your luck at a myriad of slot games, electronic games, and table games. Resort World Casino is situated at Crockfords Tower Hotel, which is ten minutes away from the Central Business District of Singapore.

This casino wills being your overall gaming and gambling experience to a whole new level along with various types of equipment and games that are designed by the top gaming professionals in the world. Several of the sought-after slot games you will find here include Alien vs. Predator and Back to the Future. 

You will also discover at least five hundred games you could take advantage of. What’s more, a myriad of entertaining and dining options is accessible too. These dining options provide a wide range of Asian culinary delights in classy cafes and restaurants. No matter if you are craving for Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, or local Singaporean dishes, you can find it all there.

This luxurious and excellent casino is only a small part of Resort World Sentosa. You will surely have a gist of all the excitement and entertainment this attraction beholds by spending a day at two at this resort.

Take note that foreign nations will be allowed to enter only if they submit any proof of identification. This includes a short-term immigration pass, a foreign passport, a long-term visitor pass with an ID or foreign passport, a work pass, or a student pass. Individuals who are 21 years old and above are only permitted to enter the casino.

Marina Bay Sands

Casino Marina Bay Sands SingaporeMarina Bay Sands truly stand out from the skyline of Singapore along with a rooftop deck referred to Skypark connected to them and three huge hotel towers. The global architect company Aedas created the look of the complex, and they performed a wonderful job, making it a truly unforgettable sight.

This is surely one of the best luxurious land-based casinos in the country. Inside this grand resort, you will see the best of accommodations, fine dining, and recreational venues. This resort features a remarkable casino that sprawls four levels with a huge gaming floor that is composed of more than a thousand tables and 2,400 slot machines.

Take note that the Marina Bay Sands Casino is considered to be one of the costliest standalone casino properties in the globe, delivering a wide array of games to win and play. Not to mention that they have the best casino staff that will help and entertain you for the games.

Apart from that, the slot machines provide a plethora of electronic gaming machines along with multi-station games and video betting games like Baccarat, Jackpot as well as Roulette. This land-based casino resort in Singapore has a separate, special dining, and gaming spaces that are reserved for those premium players, VIP and high-end clients.

The best part here is that visitors could also take advantage of their complimentary non-alcoholic drinks at the slot machines and gaming tables. They can also enjoy the mouth-watering Asian dishes at the three noodle bars situated throughout the casino.

Valid proof of ID is needed for Singapore citizens, non-residents, or permanent residents to enter the casino. They need to present the form of IDs like driving license, student pass, passports, immigration pass, and more. You can check their official website to see the list of other forms of IDs they accept.

Final Word

There are not many options accessible for casino experiences in this country. However, a visit to any of these casinos will surely not leave empty-handed. The casino settings in Singapore are controlled. In fact, they are not as sought and rave as the settings you will see in Macao or Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, these two sophisticated casinos ensure that you will have a wonderful time and ensure you find their country as the ideal place to play and stay.

Singapore could be a costly place for you to visit. However, it is well worth the price, especially if you consider that the most elite casino resorts in the world are located here. All of the casinos we mentioned here provide a one-of-a-kind experience you can surely never forget.

Indeed, all these properties also have superior casinos, which deliver more than enough table and slot games. That makes Singapore an excellent place to do your gambling. Not to mention that you will also discover much more love with the resort and the city attractions overall.

Author: Walter Cook