What are the Different Varieties of Online Bingo?

What are the Different Varieties of Online Bingo?

The essential elements to online bingo are often the same, but there are different types of games with subtle differences in terms. Players need to recognize the difference between different game types and to understand exactly the rules of any game they are betting.

The main types of the game online bingo are:

90 Ball Bingo75 Ball Bingo80 Ball Bingo30 Ball Bingo

These games are traditionally played in specific countries but have become more globalized online. Many types of online bingo revolve around one of the above types. Most games have the traditional 90, 75, and 80 ball types, and the 30 ball is a relatively new addition. 

There are online bingo elements around models such as straight-line pattern games and ball games. These allow players to win by creating straight lines on their cards up, down, left, right, or diagonally. Players need to create a unique look on their card to win shape games for bingo online Canada. They announce the before games begin, and there are many shapes to play with, including triangles, crosses, squares, and more. 


Players must fill out their entire card. Hence they are also called coveralls. They take longer to complete, but are more attractive to players. It is a simple tournament bingo game which is very famous.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is a traditional bingo played in the UK and Europe. Players in the US and Canada may be more familiar with the 75-ball type of game, but the rules are more or less the same, so players need not worry too much.

How to play 90 Ball Bingo?

Players buy cards with randomly drawn balls with a random number generator (RNG) built into the online bingo gaming program.

90 Ball Bingo is different due to several things:

The card contains nine rows and three horizontal linesThree parts to the gameThere are fifteen numbers on each card, five on each lineThe first consists of nine to nine digitsThe second row contains numbers from ten to nineteen and 90 digits

The game has three parts:

First, the players go to the card, which is the first to complete the horizontal line on the card.Players go for two rows intending to complete two horizontal lines. It does not matter which two lines you complete as long as they are on the same card.Finally, the players aim to complete the whole house, where they find all the numbers on the card.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is a traditional type of bingo played in the US and Canada. Players in the UK and Europe are more familiar with the 90-ball type, but the rules are so similar that players can easily play both games. Bingo online is widely played in many countries.

How to play 75 Ball Bingo?

Players buy cards with numbers already identified. The game starts, and the online caller randomly draws numbers. Players are required to determine the numbers that appear on their cards.

75 Ball Bingo is different due to several things:

The card has five horizontal lines and five columnsEach column is guided by an alphabet called bingoThe first column B contains numbers from one to 15The space in the center of the card is empty and has no numbers

Three parts of the game are:

The game aims to complete some patterns with three main ways to win. Players must achieve:

24 digitsVertical, diagonal or horizontal lineA specific pattern

Players who build a line on either side will receive a prize, but the game continues until someone recognizes all the numbers and gets a full house.

In 75 ball games, players aim to build a specific pattern from the number described at the beginning of the game. There are many different designs with letters, crosses, and circles.

80 Ball Bingo

The latest addition to the bingo cannon is the 80-ball bingo ball, which appears to be the happiest medium between bingo 75 and 90.

The rules are the same as other bingos, so it will be easier for players to learn and play even if they have never played the bingo online before.

How to play 80 Ball Bingo?

80 ball bingo is distinguished from other bingo by the following:

The card has four straight lines and four columnsEvery column is a different colorThe game is played in 75 balls with players identifying specific patternsThe most common designs have four angles, X shapes and middle squares

How to succeed?

Players can win by locating horizontal, vertical and diagonal linesPlayers can also win by making patterns equivalent to 75 balls. They tell winning patterns before starting the gameDue to its similarity to 75 balls, 80 Ball Bingo may not appear on all bingo sites, but as its popularity grows, people are selecting it as an option.

52-5 Bingo

52-5 bingo is the latest type of bingo room. It’s a bingo game, but with a twist. Instead of the traditional bingo balls and number cards, you get five different items when you buy the card, which can be in any design like candy or play cards. It gives these rooms a unique experience. Cover all five items on your bingo card and become the first player to win the full house jackpot. This bingo room has a progressive jackpot, which makes it great.

52-5 How to play bingo?

52-5 Bingo is distinguished from other types of bingo by the following:

Each card has a 1 line feature that contains five different numbers, patterns or objects.The bingo online is played with 52 different numbers, patterns or objects drawn at random. Each design/object is there with a number to identify easily.

How to succeed?

The fastest way is to become the first player to cover all five designs/items on your card.

Increase your possibilities of winning by purchasing a maximum of 96 cards.

Author: Walter Cook